Why am I a Moody B*tch?!

Last night when Sam came home from work I argued with him about what we were going to have for dinner. It was the most pointless argument ever, even though I was the one driving it. I had started feeling stressed and irritated that afternoon, carrying around a bad head that felt like it had… Continue reading Why am I a Moody B*tch?!

What It’s Like To Lose Someone

I often speak to my Grandad - I'm not sure whether he can hear me but I do it all the same. When we first lost him back in 2016, there was a couple of occasions where I would smell his home smell; he was always tinkering in his shed, making something or other so… Continue reading What It’s Like To Lose Someone

My Three Way Relationship

The reason I wanted to approach this subject is because the past two mornings Sam has been waking up overwhelmingly anxious, and this morning had a panic attack. This is not the first time this has happened, not for him or for me. I’ve had anxiety since I can remember but it wasn’t till I… Continue reading My Three Way Relationship