What a Load of Lies!!

An appointment to see the eye specialist FINALLY came through on Monday after 3 months of an anxious wait. If you're a new reader and need to catch up then read My Job Could Make Me Blind?! Mum drove me in the morning as I needed those eye drops which make your vision blurry. I was… Continue reading What a Load of Lies!!

What It’s Like To Lose Someone

I often speak to my Grandad - I'm not sure whether he can hear me but I do it all the same. When we first lost him back in 2016, there was a couple of occasions where I would smell his home smell; he was always tinkering in his shed, making something or other so… Continue reading What It’s Like To Lose Someone

Is Cannabis my Grandma’s Solution?!

For a number of years Grandma has had auto immune hepatitis. She has to take medication every day which prevents her body from rejecting and attacking her liver. It's a real shitty disease to have - it makes her muscles ache and mobility difficult, even more so as she also suffers with bad arthritis. It's… Continue reading Is Cannabis my Grandma’s Solution?!