What It’s Like To Lose Someone

I often speak to my Grandad - I'm not sure whether he can hear me but I do it all the same. When we first lost him back in 2016, there was a couple of occasions where I would smell his home smell; he was always tinkering in his shed, making something or other so… Continue reading What It’s Like To Lose Someone

Disappointment is an Understatement

At the start of the year, Sam and I made a pact that we'd be in our own house by the end of 2019, or at least started the mortgage/house buying process. It was all going swimmingly, but then something really shitty happened which has brought everything to a halt. My Dad has been with… Continue reading Disappointment is an Understatement

Is Cannabis my Grandma’s Solution?!

For a number of years Grandma has had auto immune hepatitis. She has to take medication every day which prevents her body from rejecting and attacking her liver. It's a real shitty disease to have - it makes her muscles ache and mobility difficult, even more so as she also suffers with bad arthritis. It's… Continue reading Is Cannabis my Grandma’s Solution?!

My Three Way Relationship

The reason I wanted to approach this subject is because the past two mornings Sam has been waking up overwhelmingly anxious, and this morning had a panic attack. This is not the first time this has happened, not for him or for me. I’ve had anxiety since I can remember but it wasn’t till I… Continue reading My Three Way Relationship