Let’s Get Pretty Muddy!!

Yesterday, Mum, my sister Kelly, my aunt, my cousin Sian and I took part in Cancer Research's 5K pretty muddy event at Hylands Park, Chelmsford. Our run started at half 12 but we arrived an hour early as requested by the guys running the event. We used this time to take photos, put on our… Continue reading Let’s Get Pretty Muddy!!


What a Load of Lies!!

An appointment to see the eye specialist FINALLY came through on Monday after 3 months of an anxious wait. If you're a new reader and need to catch up then read My Job Could Make Me Blind?! Mum drove me in the morning as I needed those eye drops which make your vision blurry. I was… Continue reading What a Load of Lies!!

Adventures in Xian, China

Our stay was over in Beijing (you can read about that here) so we traveled to Xi'an on a 14 hour sleeper train. We had a cosy little dorm for four with two bunks on top of each other on either side on the room (I say room, it was more of a cupboard) We… Continue reading Adventures in Xian, China

Adventures in Beijing, China

A couple of my readers have asked me to write a post about my travels in China after seeing some shots on my Instagram (you can follow me here) I thought about turning it into a "Adventures In:" series as I'm always hot on photography whenever I go to somewhere new, this will be the… Continue reading Adventures in Beijing, China