Hi. I’m Grace and this is my little corner on the internet where I share hopes, dreams and sometimes a little chaos!

My last blog was posted about two years ago which is absolutely shocking and I still don’t know why I stopped as I love doing this! My blog used to be called “Grunge Rocks My Socks” but I’ve now given it a different name to illustrate a new chapter in my life!

In case you were wondering, Sam is my fun loving, handsome and supportive other half who has a crazy-ass ginger beard and is so laid back he’s practically horizontal!! ((Which has basically taught me to chill the hell out as we all know I’m a worrier!))

We met at Screwfix, where we both worked and it was all that corny, mushy, “love at first beer” kinda stuff. After over a year of both feeling crazy about each other (but also in denial about the whole situation) Sam finally told me how he felt and we were off on a whirlwind of adventures to Thorpe Park, too many Chinese take-aways and playing Skyrim till 4 in the morning.

We’re currently saving for a deposit to put on our first house together, even though it won’t be the first time we’ve lived as a couple.

When I met Sam my life changed dramatically and it is literally the best thing when you know someone has got your back and will stand by your side no matter what. ♥️

Not only is this blog about me & Sam, but it’s also a place for me to speak as an individual as that is just as important as being a twosome! There will also be outings with friends thrown in, as well as the odd haul and beauty post.

I always loved reading posts about life, day to day struggles, advice and different experiences people have had which is what I aim to do here! I’m a mad bookworm and it’s great to escape to the wonderful world of fiction every so often, but sometimes it’s good to remember that there are others out there that are also living day-to-day lives and you are not alone.

With ♥️








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