The Couple Tag

To celebrate all the new followers I’ve gained recently, Sam and I thought we’d answer some couple related questions (is this even cool to do nowadays or are tag posts so 2015 lol?!)

1) Where and when did we meet?

Sam: We met at Screwfix in July 2016.

Grace: Is it bad that I didn’t even remember the month or year? I said 2015, whoops!

2) Where was our first date?

Sam: I’d consider our trip to Thorpe Park our first date. It was one of those dates where we didn’t know it was a date until afterwards.

Grace: I never saw it as a date, but I guess two ‘friends’ who held hands round the park were probably more than that!

3) What were your first impressions of each other?

Sam: Ohhhh damn!!!!!

Grace: I felt super comfortable almost instantly, you made me laugh a lot. I think I liked liked you quite soon, but didn’t think you’d ever like me back so I just pretended I saw you as an older bro.

4) When did you meet each others family?

Sam: You met my Mum before we got together. We drove to her cottage in Sudbury to meet her new German Shepherd puppy Finley.

Grace: Before we were together, you came round and we were watching TV in the living room. Mum and Dad came in from a live music event in town pissed as farts. I’m glad Dad’s drunk dancing didn’t put you off!

5) Who said I love you first?

Sam: You.

Grace: Meeeee.

6) If you’re going out to eat, where do you go?

Sam: I always choose Noodle Bar.

Grace: It’s all about that KFC.

7) What is your favourite thing about each other?

Sam: You have beautiful eyes.

Grace: You always bring me snacks home.

8) Do you have nicknames for each other?

Sam: I used to call you ‘G’ before we got together but not so much anymore. I just call you bubs.

Grace: I still call you ‘Col.’ (Short for Sam’s surname Collison)

9) What song reminds you of each other?

Sam: French Montana – Unforgettable ft. Swae Lee. I remember you always used to dance to it. And also cos you’re unforgettable LOL.

Grace: It’s got to be Lady by Modjo (hear me tonight) You used to sing it really loudly at Screwfix, when you went travelling I hated it when it came on the radio because I missed you 😦

Back when Sam’s hair was really short. Taken in spoons before he went travelling (& before we were together)

10) What have you learned from your relationship?

Sam: I’ll just say this: “happy wife, happy life.”

Grace: That there are genuinely nice guys out there, you just got to kiss a shit load of frogs before you meet someone good.


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