“Sun is alone too…”

I was looking through the notes on my phone the other day and came across a tattoo idea list that I complied a year or two ago.

One of them was a quote that I found trawling through Pinterest many moons ago: “Sun is alone too, but still shines.”

It has always been my favourite quote as it’s one I can most relate to.

Ever since I was little I have always been a bit of a loner at times – I enjoyed my own company and was quite happy to play by myself. Of course, I loved being with others and my friends too but was quite content with taking myself off to read a book or draw.

My Mam has always said that that is the one thing she most admires about me as she never felt OK being on her own when she was my age. I always find this sad to hear as I think it’s really important to be friends with ourselves and look out for ourselves just like we would do for others.

This is what this quote signifies for me. The fact that even if we are on our own, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad thing and can actually be positive! The sun may be on it’s own but it’s still golden, warm and bright. It really is OK to be on your own, and you can still be all of these positive things without the presence of someone else!

Back to the whole tattoo thing – I was thinking of having a little sun outline (similar to the one below) with the quote underneath or above and I’m thinking of getting this one next. I already have a lotus flower on the inside of my left wrist that has a whole story on its own which I’ll maybe write about in the future.


I guess it’s just a reminder about independence and being totally cool in your own skin. And even if we are alone, the Sun will always have our backs!

With ❤️

Grace x


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