Bring on June 2018!


April-May has literally been the most stressful month I have had in a long time!

At the end of April I was in a car accident and have been off work due to bad whiplash. I often have a bad ache and sometimes pain in my neck and shoulders which also affects my arms when I do simple things such as making my bed and my back. I’ve been so gutted as I’ve let my dog customers down and also haven’t been able to do any cleaning as it uses a lot of back and arm work.

In the week following the incident I was constantly on the phone to my insurance company and solicitors trying to sort myself out!

Last Tuesday I went to my first physio session for a consultation and they advised that I would need about 12 sessions. On Friday I then got a call from my solicitor saying that they’ve cancelled my medical appointments and rehabilitation treatment due to a reason involving my case. I’m now having to seek and fund my own treatment which has put a big hold on going back to work!

Anyway, the whole point of this post is about June next month. Me and Sam are going to Kos, Greece on the 7th of June which we are so excited about!! 10 nights away is pure bliss, relaxing in the sun with a good book, good food and yummy cocktails! This is our hotel, Lagas Aegean Village which we booked through Thomas Cook! *Photos courtesy of Trip Advisor*

At the end of June, Sam’s moving in with me at my parents as his Dad’s trying to sell their house. I stay at Sam’s at the weekend at the moment – he lives there by himself as his Dad lives with his girlfriend. They’ve had many potential buyers and it has been ‘sold’ twice now but they’ve pulled out last minute, so frustrating! Basically, Sam doesn’t want to be in limbo anymore so is coming to Mam’s until we’ve saved enough for our house!

I’m trying to be as patient and as positive as I can with this situation I’m in regarding work and the physio – the thought of going away in a couple of weeks is getting me through!

Me and Sam are going to shoot a holiday video and take a load of photos so when we get back I’ll upload them in a post for you!

Are you going away anywhere this year? Or have you already been? Let me know below!

With ❤️

Grace x


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