Where has the time gone?


It has been 2 years, four months and one day since my last post on this blog. I honestly don’t know where the time has gone or why I even stopped writing on here.

I finished college with some pretty poor A levels and then went full time at Screwfix, where I met my other half Sam. I don’t work there anymore and neither does he. He works as a multi-tradesman now with his Uncle and Cousin, he’s a lot happier. I lasted nearly a year and a half at Screw, deciding that it wasn’t for me anymore and I wanted to pursue something else. I’m still with Sam though. It’s pretty corny but he’s a keeper and not actually bad to live with 😉

I’m now self-employed with my own dog walking business and I’m doing some cleaning on the side but it’s not earning me enough money. Me and Sam are saving for a deposit to put on our dream first home but I don’t want to just leave it down to him. I’m looking for a new job that isn’t self-employed so I can support him more. I absolutely love working with my doggie customers and will miss it terribly but sometimes in life I guess we have to make sacrifices.

My dream is to start a doggy day care when we find the house we like and have a boarding area in the garden where we can look after pooches overnight as well as during the day while their owners are at work. A lot of pet owners disregard normal kennels due to the conditions and the anxiety/problems ie: kennel cough their animals bring home with them. Ours will be a lot more personal and friendly, where we’ll aim to make the dogs feel like they’re at a home from home.

In the meantime I have to be patient and find something else.

I’m not even working at the moment as I was in a car accident a couple of weeks ago. I suffered from bad whiplash so I’ve had to take time off whilst funding my own physio. 😟

I’ve really missed blogging but I’ve settled with a new name. The name “Grunge Rocks My Socks” which my blog was formally known as doesn’t really suit me much any more so for this new chapter in my life, we welcome “When Grace Met Sam.” Basically since I met Sam my life and future prospects have changed and so have I as a person; I like to think for the better LOL! I guess my blog posts will be about our life together and what we get up to, as well as about me as an individual.

** If you want to know more info about how we met & what this blog will entail then head over to my “About” page!! **

I’d also like to say hello and thank you to those who are still following me! I hope you like these new blog posts of mine!

Feel free to leave any blog post suggestions below in the comments!

With ♥️

Grace x


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