weekly wishes | #5

Hi everyone,

Last weeks wishes were:

  1. Decide whether to learn to drive..or not: I have decided and I’m not going to just yet. I can’t afford it so I’m just going to keep saving for travelling.

weekly wishes

This weeks wishes are:

  1. At least get a C in one of the past papers I do this week: I’ve been put on the list to resit GCSE math in November and in the little time I have free I’ve been studying. In year eleven I was two marks off a C so fingers crossed I get it this time. If I at least get near a C or even a C by practicing exam questions then I think I’ll have a good chance of dropping math.
  2. Stop biting the skin around my finger nails: I seriously need to stop this habit as I have literally lost the first layer of skin on two of my fingers where I haven’t let it grow back because of this continuous cycle. It started off being something I did when I was nervous or anxious yet now I do it because of habit. I’ve tried taping up the fingers that I bite the most but the tape just falls off after a while. Please help!

Abby x


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