weekly wishes | #4

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe I was seventeen Friday and it’s mad how quickly my teenage years are passing by. I can now learn to drive yet it only feels five minutes since I started school.


Last Weeks Wishes:

  1. Get organised with coursework / homework: This has happened!! I only have three days a week where I can actually stay after school and get work done. I feel soo much better and stress free now that I’ve got myself more organised. However, there is quite a lot more work to do that I a little surprised about compared to secondary.
  2. Eat three healthy meals a day: I tried the 5:2 diet last week (for those who don’t know, it’s where you eat normally for five days a week and then have two days where you only eat 500 calories) It didn’t work. I had a good breakfast in the morning like usual but come lunchtime I was super hungry and found it hard to concentrate. I don’t recommend it really for young adults but my Ma has kept at it and really likes it. I think it suits some people and not others, like everything. Our family friends like it and feels much better/healthier by doing it.

weekly wishes

This weeks wishes are:

  1. Decide whether to learn to drive..or not: Leading up to my seventeenth birthday, I’ve been thinking about whether I’m going to invest in driving lessons. My decision for the past couple of months has been not to and just save for my travelling plans for when I leave college. However, I was at work yesterday and I spoke to one of my friends about it. She said that a friend of hers who’s nineteen said she regrets not learning to drive straight away and she wishes she had just got it out of the way, because then it’s done and you can drive for life. That point has really thrown me and I don’t know now. It would be really ideal if I just learned and then brought a car when I could truly afford it, but I think the truth is, I’m scared.

Anyone got any tips on my driving dilemma?

Abby x


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