weekly wishes | #3

Good morning,

This past week has been so hectic! I started college and I think I’ve settled in quite well, even though I’ve dropped English combined for Sociology but I’m so glad I did. I’m really looking forward to going back this week which I’ve never said about secondary school!

Last weeks wishes were:

  1. Sort out a birthday meal / get together with the girls: We’ve planned to go bowling and then walk into town for Pizza Express on Friday night however, I haven’t actually booked the night off work yet so I’m pretty worried about that. Fingers crossed guys!
  2. Start planning future posts: Urm, I’m afraid this hasn’t happened yet, whoops! I keep meaning to get round to it but I don’t think I actually need to do it.
  3. Get my math exam remarked: It’s been sent off but I haven’t gotten them back yet, 😦

weekly wishes

This weeks wishes are:

  1. Get organised with coursework / homework: I’ve decided I’m going to finish college work as soon as I can to fit it around social life and working three shifts a week. I alwaaays used to leave homework till the last minute in secondary but college counts now (well so did school but you know what I mean)
  2. Eat three healthy meals a day: My eating habits have gotten so bad lately so it’s time to go back to nutritious food and to stay consistent!!!!

What are your goals for this week?

Abby x


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