prom 2015

Hi lovelies!

I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted for a while but I’ve finally left school and I started my new job last Saturday, woo!

Last Friday (26th June) our school had a prom at our towns football ground. Today I thought I’d show you the pictures my dad kindly took before we went and the professional ones we got taken when we got to the venue.

My prom date was James, my bestest friend who I’ve known for around 12/13 years. As his mum said, “you’ve started school together and now you’ve finished school together.”




My dress was £65.00 from asos


My older sister did an amazing job on my make up!


We were driven buy our neighbour who did wedding/airport/prom runs in his Merc


me n jam2

Our photos were taken by Rob Sambrook

me n gals

My bestest girlfriends from left, Nicole, me and Daisy

me n lol2

Another good friend I’ve known years, Lauren

If you had your prom this year then I hope it was a good one! We danced a lot and took tones of photos but it was also a very emotional night. Thank you to everyone who helped me with my hair, make up and outfit. And thank you to James who was the best prom date any girl could ask for, looking out for me the entire night and for making me flowers ❤

sign off2


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