haul | superdrug & new look

Hello lovelies!

I’d just like to say that I have now finally finished my exams! My last one was Monday the one I was most worried about (media) but it was fine! I didn’t blog for a few days because I wanted a break but I’m back with another haul!

Rimmel | 703 White Hot Love: £2.99 (Superdrug)

White nail varnish seems to be trending at the moment as a lot of people in my year have been wearing it lately. I thought I’d give it a try and it does look nice on! My only disapproval of it is that when I was writing in the exam, the ink stained the white and whenever I glance at them, it looks like I’ve painted them with Tipex!


Rimmel | Red Nose Red Lipstick by Kate Moss: £5.49 (Superdrug)

I’ve decided to go with red lipstick to prom and to have red nails to match. I thought something bright on my lips and nails would break up all the black (my dress and shoes) I did really want a MAC lipstick but I had money to stretch elsewhere so I thought I’d try Kate Moss’ brand and see how I got on.




Earrings: £3.99 (New Look, if you couldn’t tell lol)


Black Tile Print Cropped Trousers: £17.99 (New Look)

These are lovely to wear and so comfy! I needed some new pants for holiday that are light and I like the way the legs are cropped! The top is also from New Look if you’re wondering.


Hope you have a good day!

sign off2


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