june favourites | hair & skin products

Hello lovelies!

Today I thought I’d post my favourites for this month!

Aveeno Moisturising Lotion: Superdrug | £7.25

I was at my Nan’s last week and I said to her how rough and dry my hands were. She went to get me this Aveeno moisturiser and she told me how good it was. She said that it dries really quickly and you can use it anywhere, legs, hands, face. I tried it and she was right, it was amazing! When I saw her again she had brought me my own bottle which was very nice of her as she had said before it was quite expensive getting it from the chemist. I’ve looked and you can also buy it from Superdrug and Boots, not forgetting other places.


Aussie Dual Personality Anti Frizz + Conditioning Milk: Boots | £4.99

This next product has literally saved my bacon this month as the weather has been so humid! When I wash my hair I leave it to dry naturally but the only downside to this, is that it goes frizzy. I normally put a little of this onto my finger, rub my hands together and then gently brush it over my hair avoiding the roots as it may make your hair look greasy. It calms it down and on the humid days where I’ve gone out, kept it under control.


Charles Worthington London Moisture Seal Mineral Hair Rescue Masque : Boots | £5.99

Just lately my hair’s been really dry at the ends which is making them split, so I’ve been using this. I use it after shampooing my hair, rubbing in it into the ends and then I leave it for a few minutes before washing it out. It’s made a big difference and the ends are a lot softer; I recommend this to anyone who has dry hair.


Hope you have a great day today, what are your June favourites?

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