thirty day photo challenge: day nine | someone i love


I’d just like to say that my parents have gone away this weekend and they left early this morning so I couldn’t get a picture with them. Therefore, I had to find one from a while ago.


This was taken last year I think and we were staying at a Premier Inn across the road from the airport as we had an early flight to Cyprus the next day.

Excuse my wild hair by the way lol and what makes me laugh, is that there is no in between with my Dad. He’ll either pull a silly face or he won’t make any expression at all in photos! I know it says ‘someone I love’ but I couldn’t choose just one.

My Mum is my absolute rock and helps me emotionally whereas my Dad supports me with physical things, like helping me with math when I was little and kicking a ball around with me.

I’d also like to add that I love all my followers! ❤ Hope you’re having a great day wherever you are!

sign off2


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