thirty day photo challenge: day seven | fruit

I reached 50 followers today which is amazing, thank you:) A big hello to the new readers of Grunge Rocks My Socks! I’m thinking about doing a TAG post so comment below if there’s a certain one you’d like me to do. I’d also like to do a Q&A at some point so feel free to ask me questions!

Back to the photo challenge: fruit.


I always say to myself, “Abby, you should really be healthier and eat more fruit,” but you guessed it, I never do. It’s not that I don’t like it because there are some fruits that I really love (melon, peaches, strawberries) but if I’m hungry, I always want something sugary.

I must say though, that my healthiest meal of the day is breakfast. I often have eggs/fruit and my favourite at the moment is banana pancakes using just eggs and banana. You can read my post about it here. I also have smoothies which are quick and easy!

Do you have any great tips for fruit?

sign off2


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