my photographs are up for sale!

Hi everyone!

As you may know, I love photography so I decided to see if I could start selling my work online to get myself noticed. Some of my parents friends do so already and I found a few sites that I thought I could share with you; I’ll include links and photos of the website too!

ViewBug: ShutterbugAbby

This was the first site I uploaded my photography on and it’s my favourite! You can also upload your work to photo contests (the prizes are AMAZING!) and you can vote other works too.

Viewbug 1


RedBubble: ShutterBugAbby

I first found this site about a year and a half ago because a friend recommended it and it’s quite different because you can sell your work on a whole range of products such as: stickers, canvases, travel mugs and duvets etc.


Artistically Social: ShutterbugAbby

This is the most recent one I’ve uploaded on and I haven’t found it all that useful yet.


I would also like to mention that all these sites are free to upload and sell work if you want to! Day Five of the Thirty Day Photo Challenge will be up later today!

Abby x


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