thirty day photo challenge: day four | something green

Hi everyone!

Day Four: Something Green


© Abby Bloom Photography ©


© Abby Bloom Photography ©

Today is all about the colour green.

I really feel for those who have hay fever at this time of year, especially with cut grass and pollen. I love the smell of freshly cut grass and it always reminds me of Summer. The second picture is of the little tree at the back of the garden which is great to take pictures of. A while ago, my Mum hung glass bottles and glasses from the branches and they catch the sunlight, sending orbs of light around the garden.


© Abby Bloom Photography ©

I love having things like this around the garden and as we’re outside a lot in the Summer, we often light the candles for a light source, another great shutterbug opportunity!

Do you have lights or trinkets around your garden?


Abby x


2 thoughts on “thirty day photo challenge: day four | something green

  1. I love your blog ! Could I kindly ask you not to use ‘Namaste’ when signing off your posts however, as (as far as I know) you are not Indian, therefore it is cultural appropriation, unless you are assigned to that culture or well educated on the culture / Hindi language. I realise you’re a practising Buddhist (which is great and I admire that a lot) but Namaste is not a word used by Buddhists so much as Asians practising Buddhism, who use it due to it being their language, not due to their religion. Your blog is great and I do not mean this offensively I just wanted to educate you on why you should not use the word before someone else informed you more aggressively, I realise you’re not using the word offensively though !! Thank you 🙂 x (if I’ve made any mistakes please feel free to correct me !!)


    • ok, ill take your comments on board. I had researched that it was a form of greeting so thats why I used it to sign off and the fact that I personally like the word. I also did not say it was used by Buddhists x


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