thirty day photo challenge: day three | clouds

Hi everyone!

Yesterday we had a few thunderstorms in the early morning and for the rest of the day it was seriously humid! I love the sun but it was so intense it was suffocating! Today the sun is out but it is much more cloudy and windy, linking in to today’s post.

Day Three: Clouds


I love clouds. I love the way you can look at one and it will appear to be an animal or a shape. If you look away and back again, the shape could deform and change into something else, because the wind’s moving it along. When I was little, I would lay on my back on the grass and stare up at the sky, using my imagination to tell a story. The clouds as my actors. Whenever I used to daydream, I would always look at the sky as if by default.

I used to believe (I still do) that clouds are really magical, like how they’re formed and where they come from. There ability to change from pure white, illuminated by the sun to a dark grey, looking angry as if encouraging a storm.

Looking at my photo above, what do you see in the cloud?


Abby x


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