feeling a little overwhelmed (update)


This past week and a half has had our household experiencing a wide range of emotions: stress, worry and excitement to name a few.

My GCSE’s started on the 5th of May and I am seriously surprised at how calm I’ve handled them. I was more worried and scared about my year ten mocks, let alone exams where my grades actually count. I’ve had this sort of mentality where I tell myself that it’s just a mock and all I have to do is try my best. It worked! I believe that if I keep a clear head and relax then I have a far better chance of getting the grades that I want. Anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it!

I’m also amazed how I kept my head knowing that my niece could arrive any minute. A week before she was born, the midwife told my sister and her husband that she could arrive at any time, which unsettled us a bit as we were now involved in a waiting game. It seemed that the 9 months Kelly was pregnant went super quick yet now she was nearly here, it was taking an age! Just as I had broke up from school for a week, Isla Mai arrived (you can read my post about her here) and that’s when the emotions fully began! That night was exciting but tiring and it took us a good few days to come down from it.


One of Kelly and Graham’s gifts was a new-born photo-shoot. Isla Mai was amazing!

Last week I had a week off however we had a carpenter/builder come in to knock down our old bannister down and put up a new, modern one. He came everyday at 8am so there was never a chance to lay in like I usually did off school and there was always a rush to get dressed and downstairs so we wouldn’t get in the way. Dad was also replacing the fence panels in the garden so we had a messy house as well as a messy garden! I also couldn’t study properly for my upcoming exams because everyone was stuck in the kitchen/dining room (they’re connected) and the noise would ruin my concentration. On the other hand, we saw Kelly, Graham and Isla Mai a lot and cuddles with my niece made everything better!


On Monday I thought that Paul was finished with our bannister but he has stayed with us for an extra three days. Today was his last day and we have finally been able to spread out in the rest of the house without being cooped up in one room. He has done an amazing job and even built us a shoe cupboard under the stairs that Mum desperately wanted!


I’m enjoying study leave at the moment and it’s so nice not having to go to school for seven hours a day. Because I’ve left secondary education, I have a lot more time for family and studying for my last few exams.

I hope this hasn’t been a boring post and I apologise if it has been! I will have a new post up by the end of the week which will be more exciting! I just wanted to get a few things off my chest and to post something a little different to what I normally do.

I bet you’ve had a more interesting week, why don’t you let me know in the comments?


Abby x


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