wish list | may 2015

Hi lovelies!

Today is the last day of May and I thought I’d show you my favourite items for this month!

1. Velvet Teddy Lipstick: MAC £15.50


One of my friends wears this shade all the time and it is gorgeous! It’s extremely subtle and in my opinion, goes with most skin complexions. I’m thinking of wearing this or Russian Red for prom in June.

2. Buddha Head Wall Transfer: amazon.co.uk £16.95

buddha wall

In my room I have many Buddha statues as you may know (you can see my post about them here) but I was thinking, having spot this the other day, how nice it would be to have one on my wall. I was thinking about replacing my Marilyn Monroe quote wall transfer with it as I’d like to have a change. I also have another wall transfer of Marilyn’s face outline with red lips to match my colour scheme (I was a big fan when my room was decorated around three years ago)

3. Off the Grid Metal Cuff Silver: nastygal.com £16.35

arm cuff

The main reason why I like this is because it’s different to others that I’ve seen in Topshop, Forever 21 etc but I’d also like to wear it on my upper arm as well as my wrist. I’m also a big fan of silver jewellery and have never really been a great lover of gold.

4. Shore Clarissa Chunky Strap Sandal: Office £95.00


Dr. Martens are my all time favourite shoe brand and I am in

5. Grace Paisley Maxi Skirt: boohoo.com £15.00


I’m loving all the boho/hippie clothing that’s out now because we’re in festival season and this skirt is one of my favourites because of the colours and the length.

what are your favourites for this month?


Abby x


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