nandos dinner date with the girls


Last night my girlfriends and I went to Nando’s for dinner and had a fabulous evening crying with laughter. We hadn’t seen each other all week as some of us were working and revising for our upcoming exams. I just thought in todays post, I’d show you some photos we took with Nicole’s handy selfie stick. I never really saw the point in them before but they’re marvellous to take group photos!


From bottom left: Nicole (with selfie stick), Daisy, me (with the hat) and Lauren


me n lol2

me n lol


Sorry for such a bad photo!

I had a 1/4 chicken with chips and corn. Nicole had 1/2 chicken (lemon & herb) with coleslaw and chips. Daisy had a grilled chicken wrap with chips and Lauren had a grilled chicken wrap with chips and rice. The desert was amazing! I had a caramel cheesecake, Nicole had the carrot cake, Daisy had a chocolate cheesecake and Lauren had strawberry frozen yoghurt.

me n dee2

Clean that mirror Nandos!!

The only downside of the evening was that as we were sitting at the back of the restaurant, there was no fresh air coming in. As it got hot I asked a waiter to turn on the air conditioning but as a consequence of my request, it started dripping from one of the vents and then a light. Of course, the water had to drip down on the walkway between the tables (which can I add was the only walkway to get to the front of the restaurant) so you had to dodge it every time you wanted to go the toilet or refill your drink! Other than that it was great to see the girls!

What has your experiences been like at Nandos?


Abby x


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