the birth of my niece

So on Friday the 22nd of May, my niece Isla Mai was born, weighing a little over 7lbs.


That Friday was such a hectic day for all of us! I had finished my very last full day at school and my parents had time off work for the one week holiday. I was walking home and at quarter to four, my Mum text me saying that Kelly was in labour and she was with them at the hospital. I became quite emotional and we were all extremely excited for the baby’s arrival! I still went to my Nans like usual (we have dinner together every Friday) because Dad hadn’t come home from work and there was no point going to the hospital just yet as we didn’t know how long the labour would be.

Mum kept Nan and I posted throughout the evening when she could and then she text us saying that Kelly could feel the head coming through and that it might be best for Dad and I to go to the hospital. At 8 o’clock Dad picked me up and we waited outside Kelly’s room for what seemed like forever! Finally, Isla Mai was born at 9:16pm and we were allowed to go see them!

Kelly was looking exhausted, sitting in the birthing pool with Isla Mai in her arms but her and Graham were so happy. Mum said that witnessing the birth was amazing and that Kelly had done so well.

One week on and Isla Mai is settling down perfectly in her new home and we’re all loving her cuddles!




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