top five | prom dresses

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In case you are unaware, I am in my last year at secondary school which means I have prom in June. Today I thought I’d share with you my top five outfits but there’s a slight problem, which one do I choose?

1. Chiffon Sheath Halter Long Prom Dress

KissyDress: £100.99


2. Statement Elastic Peplum Maxi Dress

ASOS: £65.00


3. Needle & Thread Embellished Willow Maxi Dress

ASOS: £250.00


4. River Island Mesh And Jewelled Maxi Dress

ASOS: £80.00


5. Anthea Cut Out Split Maxi Dress In Black

Misguided: £39.99


These are not my final five, knowing me I’ll keep changing my mind! I know some of these dresses aren’t exactly prommy but I’m not really into bright colours and all that jazz, so I think these are more suited to my taste. I don’t want to spend a lot of money either.

Which one do you like best?


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