barry m & salon pro review (and celebration of new camera)

Yesterday, Mum and I went to Curry’s so I could buy a DSLR with my wages from my Christmas work. Turned out that they didn’t have any in stock so we had to go into Argos, luckily for us it was only across the street. Amazingly, they had it in stock and it was still in the sale *sigh of relief* On Monday the 5th of January, I brought home a Nikon D3200 for just 279.99 (reduced from 330) and my life is now complete, yay! nikon Anyway, that’s enough of wild celebration dancing, lets get back to the main point of the post. I was desperate to photograph something for Grunge Rocks My Socks with the new camera so I thought I’d review these nail polishes. DSC_0020 I’m a big fan of mustard at the moment and brought a mustard knit from H&M before Christmas. I was kind of expecting more of a Gelish finish but on the nail it just looked like your bog standard nail polish. I don’t know whether I expected too much but the colour is great! DSC_0023 My sister brought me this the Christmas before last and I still love it. I normally wear it in the winter and autumn period and it’s so easy to apply because it has a lovely thick brush. When you do apply it however, it doesn’t come out like the grey colour you can see in the bottle. It’s really quite strange because it’s actually a dark purple. What are your favourite nail polishes at the moment? <a href=”″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>


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