haul | roll neck & buddha statue

Yesterday, I went into town and burnt a hole in my bank account in Topshop, which is easily done. I fell in love with this black, long sleeved roll neck that’s quite short in the body so I won’t be able to tuck it in to my Mom jeans (sad times) I’m normally used to fitted clothing and this garment just goes straight down without real shape. It cost me £34.99.

I also brought another pair of Mom jeans in a darker colour but they’re in the wash so I’ll make another post on them in a couple of days.




Skirt also from Topshop

Whilst I was in town, I also brought a new Buddha statue (you all know how I love the Buddha) for £19.99. She’s beautiful and holding a candle which is even better because they’re so relaxing when lit.


I also noticed that Poundland have introduced their own make-up range which I was very surprised at. Mum and Kelly, my sister, tried out their liquid foundation and both said they were ok. Just like an expensive brand, which in my opinion is quite hard to believe. I don’t wear foundation that much as it brings me out in terrible spots but I did try their nail varnish which is actually ok!



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