nec clothes show live | birmingham | 2014

fa60a-clothesOn Friday the 5th of December, everyone who took Textiles and I went to Birmingham on a school trip to the NEC to experience Clothes Show Live 2014. It took four long hours in the coach, leaving at 6am. Once we arrived, we went into this mahoosive room filled with hundreds of stalls selling almost everything, from nail polishes, vintage clothing and shoes. There was also quite a few famous people such as Peter Andre, Henry Holland, Joey Essex and Amy Childs. I didn’t manage to get any photos with anyone because the queues were miles long and you always had to buy something for them to sign, money grabbers!;) There was also two smaller catwalks for next years fashion. 

The best part of the whole day was the actual show, where models strutted their stuff and there was also a lot of dancing and the choreography was AMAZING. Proper professional stuff. There was a live performance from group Neon Jungle.
Henry Holland introduced it and it lasted 45 minutes, not long enough in my opinion because I seriously enjoyed it! Here are some photos:

best friend nic

(L-R) nic, me, lauren, shannon, phoebe

tried on extensions from a stall

ticket for the main catwalk show

We got back around 9pm because traffic was horrendous but overall, I had a fabulous experience!


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