december favourites | coco chanel | toni & guy

I’ve always loved this pinafore as it’s been my best friend all throughout 2014. It goes with everything and at this time of year, looks fabulous with a knit underneath or over the top. I found it last year slung over a rail with no tag in Primark and bringing it home was the best thing I ever did.


Mum swears by this conditioner so she brought me a small bottle to start with and I absolutely love it! It leaves my hair smelling great and silky smooth, even once heat has been applied. Definitely recommend.


I’ve been looking for a dark purple lipstick for a while now that wasn’t too cheap but not too expensive because money was a bit tight and I found this little beauty that I wear all the time now. However, because of it’s price, it wears off quite quickly and you have to re-apply but overall it’s easy to use and you can decide how dark you’d like to go.


Sorry about the photo quality, I’ve used quite a bit of it so the writings hard to see. This is one of my favourites as I love the floral smell it has. It also lasts for ages as long as you don’t go OTT with the spraying.

 I have a lot of love for this book so thankyou to my cousin Isobel for passing it down to me. It’s very moving, about a girl who wants to move out of New Orleans and go to college but a mysterious death takes over and she wants to find out the truth. It has a good ending and it’s sad that there’s not a second book to follow.

Isn’t this just the best chrimbo movie ever?! I’ve loved it ever since it came out in 2003 but mum had to buy me a new DVD of it because my old one kept stopping (probably because I watched it to death, Christmas or not) Will Ferrell is one of my favourite actors and he plays the part of Buddy so well.


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