dealing with stress and anxiety

dealing with stress and anxiety

Hi there, I’m Abby and this is my very first post on WordPress. This isn’t my first experience blogging however, as I’ve came from Blogger but you can still read my other blog here: I’m still deciding whether I’m going to stay there or make this my only blog, but I’ll keep you updated. I haven’t posted anything since June and I’ve missed blogging a hell of a lot. The reasons being because life got pretty hectic after I came home from Cyprus. I’m now in my last year at school and I’ve been tied down with deadlines and coursework, resulting in stress and anxiety. I’ve always been quite a worrier but I’ve never felt anxiety like I have these previous months. It all happened in my chest and it was like the entirety of my emotions was going round and round like a washing machine. The consequence of the stress and anxiety was that it brought on bloating whenever I ate diary or gluten, meaning I had to knock them out of my diet. Being bloated became exasperating and upsetting, especially at night when every time I wanted to lay down, the acid would rise and I would have to burp, disgusting I know. Because of this, it caused lack of sleep and I had to miss school the next day a few times to try and gain some Zzz’s back. I’m slowly getting better now but still on a gluten and lactose free diet because when I eat products with those in, I still react which is unbearable at times. My mum is seriously supportive though with trips back and forth to the doctor and my complaining about not being able to eat cake, especially because she’s gluten intolerant too. The nonstop anxiety has gone now but sometimes comes back to taunt me and I’ve had three nights in a row where I’ve managed to sleep for 8 hours, yay! I thought this post could be about how I deal with stress and anxiety and it would be even better if I helped a reader out:) My mum introduced me to Buddhism during our stay in Cyprus and I did a lot of research into the philosophy. Reading about how I could lead a content and happy life came in handy for year 11 as I knew that meditation was an amazing tool to clear the mind. It didn’t help straight away because I had to learn how to stop thinking about other things and just concentrate on my breathing. Its brilliant for calming me down when I’m uptight or worrying. For me personally, especially in winter, going to bed with a hot water bottle warms my stomach and makes me sleepy. I also recommend yoga, meditation or Zen music because they help take your mind of negative thoughts and can make you feel at peace. I pinky promise I will post more now and if you have any questions then fire away:)


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